What will be if my test will not be negative?
If you come here to work for us and you get tested positive for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, we will bring you to a doctor that will prescribe you the therapy.
For Clamidia you will be able to take a new test 10 days after you started the therapy and for Gonorrhea one week after.
You can stay at our facility for the time necessary for the therapy. If instead you decide to leave and come back after the end of the therapy, just remember that you will have to pay for your next trip (or we can pay and we will detract it from your payout).

Where can I get a meal?
Our model house is composed of 2 flats, there are 2 kitchens and 3 refrigerators. You can buy your own food in the 2 shops close by (a minimarket 50 meters in direction SOUT and a big grocery store 300 meters in direction north) and cook it. There is also a restaurant 360 meters in direction NORTH

Will you pick me up at the airport?
Yes, our driver will take care to pick you up and bring you to the model house, but remember he is not a babysitter. He doesn't know what you need unless you ask. So, for example, if you arrive late in the evening and you want to have a meal, ask him to stop in a fast food or at the grocery store as soon as you sit in the car, do not comply with me he did not bring you to get some food the day after. Communication is important. We are not in a remote area, but we are not in the center of the city, so after 9:00 in the evening, it is hard to get food. Organize yourself accordingly to this.

Who is my reference for anything in the studio?
All regarding the organization of your trip is handled by our production manager, his name is Ilja. As soon as you arrive at our model house, you will get a letter with all the contacts and phone number of our main team.
Production Manager: Ilja [He takes care to schedule the scenes in the calendar and to organize the logistic]
Accommodation Manager: Valli [She takes care of your stay here at our model house and handle anything regarding testing and STI]
Driver: Marcel
Director of production: Vadim [He is the one that has the responsibility the production run smoothly.]
Accounting Manager: Magda [She is the one that takes care of payments]

If you need or want to schedule a meeting with Giorgio, please schedule a meeting by contacting him on twitter (@xfreaxx). Do not popup in his office unannounced, most likely he will not be available.