We use the strictest safety policy in the adult business.
Male performers working in our content DO NOT WORK for other productions but only for us (except a few rare cases that are previously negotiated with us). They are tested every 14 days in the same clinic and the results arrive in our email. They are allowed to shoot their own content only with models performing for us.

All Female performers that are coming from abroad, are tested in the same facility as the boys. Eventually we accept medical tests only from a small number of clinics that match the standards we require and where we can check the origin of the test. All models coming from abroad need to have a new medical test and for local models we accept only medical tests not older than 5 or 7 days.

The word STOP is the word every performer has to say in the moment he/she feels in discomfort. The word “STOP” makes whatever situation stop immediately. The word can be used just to take some rest or for the need of the performer to clarify any point of his/her performance.

Our director/cameramen can use the same word, STOP, if he needs to talk or clarify something with the performer/s.