We are one of the bigger hard core production in Europe for the number of scenes shot on a yearly basis, if not even the biggest. We are located in the Czech Republic, close to Prague.

Our facility is a 3 storey building where you can find our offices (ground floor), the shooting areas (first floor) and the accommodation for the performers that visit us for some days (third floor).

Our team is composed of 10 people working full time on the production of the content, from shooting to editing to distribution through our website and third party platforms. 

We work following what we called OCS (Organized, Consensual and Save). This means performers are going to be properly informed about what they are going to shoot BEFORE even arriving at our facility. They will be informed about all the small details BEFORE the scenes and again just before the performance, they will be AGAIN informed about whatever will be going on into the scene and consensually agree on video (we record this). We want the performer to DECIDE to shoot something without feeling any kind of pressure. It is an easy topic overall "are you fine to shoot this?''. The answer can be YES or NOT or I CAN TRY. If you say NO to something, there is no way someone on the stage will press you to change your mind, but it can happen the director could ask you (without to pressure you) to try something previously not agreed DURING the scene and you every time free to say "no".

Remember, what we shoot is not reality and it is not meant to be reality. Porn is not meant to be reality, but the shooting of a specific interaction where the participants work in a team to pursue a result.