We offer long term exclusive cooperation agreement with selected models for determinate sexual acts. This means you are free to perform for who ever you want for the sexual acts not included in the agreement.

Sexual acts in the agreement
- Anal with more than 2 boys
- DP with more than 2 boys
- Watersport with more than 1 boys
- TP

What we require
We require exclusivity in the previously listed sexual acts. In the case you receive a request for one of the mentioned sexual acts from a different Producer/Director/Studio, you will have to communicate us and we will be in charge to refuse or accept the booking, eventually we will negotiate the price.
For you to know, in general we do not have the interest to block you from performing for other Producer/Director/Studio, we have the interest to develop your fan base in the way we believe it is more efficient as this gives a benefit to our content as well.

What we offer
- Your payout will be boosted from 20% to 25% more than the last scene you performed for us.
- From 12 to 24 scenes/year that include the mentioned sexual acts or something else (this is negotiate personally)
- 2 time/week shoutout from @xfreaxx and associated accounts (Over a Million Followers)
- 5 personalized t-shirt and 5 personalized caps (More are available for a price) or flyers, visit cards, posters. You can choose what you wish the most.
- 200€ bonus to spend at
- Partecipazione to the GG-Awards (more info clicking here)
- Promotion to all the Producer and/or Agents in the Czech Republic
- Fast track to work with Brill Babes agency in Budapest

N.B.: in the case we negotiate a shooting with another producer, this is free of charge

If you are interested to talk about it, please contact Giorgio Grandi on Twitter: @xfreaxx